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Made a video for your game

Thank you very much!

I shared your video on my Twitter.

PD: That platform room wait time design decision will haunt me in my sleep, haha

Really a cool game!

Although I had to give up at the first spike puzzle in the dark area. :-(

I just don't get how I am supposed top beat this with just 3 breaths.

Hey! Thank you for your comment!

Some friend had problems with this section, too, so I recorded a GIF on how to beat it on the past weeks:

I think it is the section you refer too but feel free to ask for additional help if it is not.

Probably I should have designed that zone better.

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Hi, yeah that's exactly it!

I was thinkinf totally wrong!
I thought I had to place one breath at the vertical spikes on the left (it's possible if you jump right bfore running into the horinzontal spikes. its ridiculously hard to do though),one on the top horizontal spikes and the third one the same way as you did.
Using the top left wall , that should theoretically work. But it is in fact ridiculously hard and impractical, so I was quite sure that it was wrong.

I didn't really expect that you have not to jump from the second breath to the top left wall but rather directly move over the spikes.

In th end the solution was the most obvious and easiest way. I just thought wrong about how and where to jump.

Anyways thanks for the answer! :-)

PS: You also could have made the top left and right wall a bit longer, so that one could jump from the second breath to the left wal and from there over the spikes on the third breath.

Yeah, you're right, and maybe add a breath to that fountain ;). Thank you for playing.